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Water Based Paint Primer Manufacturers

The water based paint primer adopts a water-based environmentally friendly formula, which efficiently and perfectly balances the performance of all aspects of the product, and has five major performance advantages such as excellent moisture resistance, mildew resistance, alkali resistance, sealing and interlayer adhesion.

The water based paint primer can form a dense high-alkali-resistant paint film on the surface of the exterior wall, which can be effectively mixed into the concrete wall, close the pores of the wall, prevent the precipitation of water-soluble salt and alkali, and protect the wall from alkali salt erosion. In addition, the water based paint primer also has outstanding interlayer adhesion and anti-mildew and anti-algae properties, enhances the role of the wall substrate and putty layer, is safe and environmentally friendly, and is convenient for construction.

The water based paint primer is a high-quality product specially developed for various consumer groups with high cost performance. It is widely used in various masonry structures, cement pressure boards, gypsum boards and other new and old walls for alkali-resistant sealing. It can be used directly for slightly chalked walls. It can be used with high anti-fouling and high weather resistance engineering exterior wall paint, which can strongly enhance the overall performance of high-grade topcoats and enhance the fullness of the paint film.

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