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Really Stone Paint Manufacturers

Really stone paint is a kind of high-build paint with decorative effects resembling marble and granite. It is mainly made of various colors of natural stone powder. The buildings decorated with really stone paint have natural and true natural colors, giving people a sense of elegance, harmony and solemnity, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of various buildings. Especially in the decoration of curved buildings, it can receive the effect of vividness and return to nature.
Really stone paint uses water-based emulsion, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, good stain resistance, long service life, anti-cracking and anti-seepage, toughness, strong adhesion, can overcome the tiny cracks of the wall mortar, and play a role in impermeability and waterproofing on the external wall. It has a wide range of applications, and can be used on various base surfaces such as cement brick walls, foam, gypsum, aluminum plates, and glass, and can be painted at will according to the shape of the building.
Really stone paint is suitable for new construction of large buildings such as residences, government buildings, hotels, office buildings, schools, etc. It is not restricted by the height of the wall and the uneven and complex shape of the wall. It is widely used for the decoration and protection of concrete and cement exterior walls.

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