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Polyurethane Paint Manufacturers

Polyurethane paint, or Polyurethane urethane paint, refers to a paint that contains a commensurate number of urethane bonds in its coating film.

Polyurethane paint can be divided into polyurethane topcoat, polyurethane varnish, polyurethane baking paint, polyurethane orange paint, etc. Polyurethane paint has fast drying, good adhesion, water resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strong paint film, resistant to chemicals and industrial waste gas, has good electrical properties electrical properties, can be compatible with a variety of resins, and the formula can be adjusted in a wide range to meet different needs and other advantages.

Polyurethane paint is widely used in woodware, automobiles, airplanes, machinery, electrical appliances, instrumentation, plastics, leather, paper, fabrics, petrochemicals and other aspects. It can be used not only as an anti-corrosion intermediate paint on the surface of various metal structures, but also as a highly decorative and highly protective topcoat on the surface of important products.

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