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Other paints and coatings include auxiliary materials and color tile paint. The auxiliary materials are divided into white exterior wall putty powder, black leveling putty powder, black fine exterior wall putty powder, steel brick putty powder, ordinary interior wall putty powder, extra white interior wall putty powder, interior Wall leveling putty powder, extra white old powder, ordinary old powder and cooked rubber powder. Color tile paint is divided into water-based color tile paint and oil-based color tile paint.
As one of the other paints and coatings, the auxiliary materials have the characteristics of anti-mold, moisture-proof, H、high cohesiveness, high adhesion, excellent waterproof performance, excellent flexibility, good workability and sandability, etc., and can be used with various construction The exterior wall paint is used in combination to ensure the decoration and protection performance of the paint, and avoid the cracking and peeling of the paint film due to the problem of the substrate.
  In addition to auxiliary materials, the color tile paint in other paintings is a one-component quick-drying material composed of high-grade acrylic resin, silicone resin, pigments, additives and solvents. It is suitable for concrete products such as cement color tiles and cement asbestos tiles. 

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