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What Is The Paint Industry? Which Two Aspects Does It Include?


Coating, traditionally known as "paint", can be applied to the surface of objects with different construction techniques to form solid, strong, continuous solid film coating. The coating belongs to fine chemical products, and the coating film is the type of polymer compound. Modern coating industry is an important one in chemical industry.

The role of coating has three aspects, that is, protection, decoration, special function. The composition of the coating generally contains film-forming substances, pigments, solvents, auxiliaries four components.

There are many classification methods of coating: according to the film drying method can be divided into self-drying paint, drying paint, wet curing and light curing paint; According to the use of paint layer can be divided into primer; Putty, two primers, top coat (mixed paint, enamel, gloss paint), etc. According to the construction method can be divided into brush coating, roller coating, spray, dip coating, spray coating, electrophoretic coating and so on; According to the appearance of the film can be divided into varnish, color paint; According to the surface appearance of the paint film, it can be divided into wrinkle paint, hammer paint, orange paint, relief paint, etc. Since 1966, China has adopted the main film-forming substance in the coating to be a basic classification method, and the coating is divided into 17 classes, and auxiliary materials (diluent, drier, curing agent, paint stripping agent) are listed as the 18th class. Specify the principle of coating naming, the full name is the name of the color or pigment plus the name of the film forming substance (varnish, enamel, primer, etc.). In order to distinguish the specific varieties and specify the model, in 1981 set as the national standard, the standard number GB2705-81 in 1982 formally implemented, and revised in 1991.

Such as according to some specific performance is usually divided into: according to the shape of the coating: solid coating, powder coating; Liquid coating: solvent - based coating, water - soluble coating, emulsion coating. According to the gloss of the coating: high gloss or light type coating, mercerized or semi-shaped coating, matt or matt type coating. According to the coating parts: interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, floor paint, roof paint, ceiling paint, etc. According to the coating coating state: flat coating coating, sand wall coating, decorative coating containing quartz sand, imitation stone coating, etc. According to the special performance of coating: architectural coating, anti-corrosion coating, automotive coating, anti-dew coating, anti-rust coating, waterproof coating, moisturizing coating, elastic coating, etc.

The performance of the coating includes the performance of the coating product itself and the coating film. The performance of the coating product itself refers to the performance of the coating before it is used and the performance of the coating during its use. The performance of the film is the performance that the film should have, and it is also the main performance of the coating, which is manifested as the decoration, protection and other functions of the coating.

The main technical indicators of coating products are general indicators, special indicators, general indicators are color, appearance, viscosity, fineness, density, solid content, drying time and other items. Special indicators for the performance of the coating and according to user requirements for the development of the project. The technical requirements of construction generally dictate the amount, brush, construction coating recoating, anti - hanging performance. Safety, health, environmental protection technical index requirements are coatings in safety, health, environmental protection should meet the requirements of national laws and regulations.

Common coating varieties of the main use - alkyd paint, general metal, wood, home decoration, agricultural machinery, automobiles, construction and other coating. Acrylic latex paint, interior and exterior wall coating, leather coating, wood furniture coating, floor coating. Solvent-based acrylic paint, automobile, furniture, electrical appliances, plastics, electronics, construction, floor coating. Epoxy paint, metal anticorrosion, floor, car primer, chemical anticorrosion. Polyurethane paint, automobile, wood furniture, decoration, metal anticorrosion, chemical anticorrosion, insulation coating, instrument and meter coating. Nitro paint, wood furniture, decoration, metal decoration. Amino paint, automobile, electrical appliance, instrument and meter, wood furniture, metal protection. Unsaturated polyester paint, wood furniture, chemical corrosion protection, metal protection, floor. Phenolic paint, insulation, metal anticorrosion, chemical anticorrosion, general decoration.