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The Family Is Decorated, How To Choose Paint?


Should be clear above all, what is paint, what is emulsioni paint. Simply put: last generation paint = paint; This generation of paint = latex paint

In coatings, the most important include film forming substances and dispersion media. Film-forming material is after the wall is brushed, after the dispersion medium volatilizes, the layer of paint film left on the wall.
So environmental protection is not environmental protection, health is not healthy, and the dispersion medium (solvent) has a direct relationship.

When we were children with paint, paint dispersion medium is mainly xylene, in the volatilization process smell is very big. (Girls with nail polish should know better.)

Now general emulsion paint, paint into the film substance is emulsion, it is water, emulsion paint dispersion medium is water, these two are water. Volatile out is water vapor and a small amount of cosolvent, water is colorless and tasteless, although it will also help the solvent smell, but the content of cosolvent is very small, the smell will be much smaller.

In addition, oily products are currently used in industry more, once widely used in the building exterior wall of oily paint has now been banned in a large area, so the home decoration is now mostly used latex paint.

How to distinguish the quality of paint?
From the perspective of professional analysis, there are many ways to distinguish the quality of paint, but in view of the majority of users are not professional, there is no professional analysis tools, we will distinguish from the most simple and intuitive aspects: identify well-known brands in the market, big brands are guaranteed; See whether there is through the relevant environmental certification mark, through the more certification, the more guarantee. Can fan smell whether there is added flavor, aroma or pungent is not an ideal choice, if it is pure frankincense, it is pure pure taste; Check the state of the paint, the quality of the paint is usually more viscous, no hard block, after mixing was uniform state.

What are the characteristics of a good paint?
Cover is good, persistence is good, storage performance is good, construction performance is good, environmental protection and health, the price is reasonable, of course, in addition to the advantages of the coating itself, but also combined with their own needs to choose: for example, for the living room this larger flow of people room, you can choose the paint with strong anti-pollution ability.

Compared with the north, the south had better choose moisture-proof, mildew-proof coating; Winter temperature is more extreme in the north, such as the northeast, can choose better frost resistance paint.

Choose different series of paint according to their own requirements, children's room can choose children's paint, furniture renovation can choose wood paint...