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Intermediate Paint Manufacturers

The intermediate paint is a thick film-forming material made of a polymer synthesized acrylic emulsion, added with pigments, fillers and additives. It not only has the function of ordinary paint to protect the wall, but also can cover the cracks on the base surface. Three-dimensional pattern.
The intermediate paint is used as a link paint, which can improve the adhesion and link strength between the primer and the top coat. Increase the thickness of the paint film, improve the durability of the paint coating, and extend the service life. Make the surface paint film plump, bright and smooth, and improve the surface decoration characteristics. At the same time, the intermediate paint has excellent weather resistance, crack resistance and impact resistance, can withstand extreme weather changes and air mold erosion, and is green, environmentally friendly, strong and durable.
The intermediate paint is suitable for the new construction of large buildings such as residences, government buildings, hotels, office buildings, schools, etc. It is not restricted by the height of the wall and the complex shape of the wall. It is widely used for the decoration and protection of concrete and cement exterior walls.

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