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Exterior Wall Paint Manufacturers

The main function of exterior wall paint is to decorate and protect the exterior wall of the building, make the appearance of the building clean and beautiful, so as to achieve the purpose of beautifying the urban environment. At the same time, it can protect the outer wall of the building and extend its use time.

 The exterior wall paint has rich and diverse colors, good color retention, can maintain good decoration for a long time, good water resistance and weather resistance, and is not easy to powder and fade. Because exterior wall coatings are used on the facade of buildings, the ability of exterior wall coatings to resist ultraviolet light is much higher than other coatings, and can be exposed to sunlight for a long time without changing color. In addition, exterior wall coatings also have air permeability, pollution resistance, mildew resistance and alkali resistance.

Exterior wall paints are widely used in various industrial plants, requiring long-term protection of high-end commercial buildings that are difficult to clean, as well as decoration and protection that require high weather resistance and stain resistance, especially suitable for tropical strong ultraviolet environment, high pollution environment and coastal high humidity environment.
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