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Epoxy Paint Manufacturers

Epoxy paint, also known as epoxy resin anticorrosive paint, is the most widely used paint among anticorrosive paints. Generally speaking, coatings containing more epoxy genes in their components are collectively referred to as epoxy paints.

Epoxy paint has high storage stability and a long shelf life. Generally, it can be placed for about two years without curing  an agent. The adhesion is very strong, the painted paint is very reliable, and the paint is not easy to fall off. Excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, impact resistance, tough paint film, not easy to cause cracks due to temperature changes and other factors. The epoxy resin has a stable structure, which makes the coating resistant to acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and it is difficult for corrosive substances to penetrate, and has strong impermeability.

Due to the excellent performance and characteristics of epoxy resin, epoxy paint is widely used in roof leakage prevention, airport runway, viaduct pavement reinforcement, parking lots, sports fields, factory floors, walls, ships, decks, basements and warehouses, tunnels, etc. Various fields.

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