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Colorful paint is a one-component paint used for building exterior walls where two or more water-based color particles are suspended in a water based interlayer to produce multiple colors at one time. It is mostly used to imitate the effect of stone, so it is also called Liquid stone. It is a water based colorful paint that uses acrylic silicone resin emulsion and fluorocarbon resin emulsion as the base material, combines high-quality inorganic pigments and high-performance additives, breaks through the science of coating chemical engineering, and is processed by special technology.

The coating surface of the colorful paint is convex and supple, and the colors penetrate each other. It can imitate natural granite in color, and can even achieve ingenious workmanship, surpassing the natural effect. It is a granite-like coating with fairly stable product performance. It not only has excellent performance such as high simulation, high weather resistance and crack resistance, but also has the advantages of safety and environmental protection, energy saving, high-end beauty, convenient construction, and high cost performance.

Colorful paint is suitable for exterior wall constructions such as high-rise buildings, halls, apartments and mansions. It is a high-grade finish material that realizes the luxurious decoration effect of granite and is easy to construct. At the same time, it is also suitable for the high-end beautification and decoration of the surface of craft products such as garden sculptures, statue models, architectural pillars, color fences, etc., easily giving an excellent elegant rock style.

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