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Coating solvent still plays an important role in the coating industry, accounting for about 47% of coating materials. The solvents used in coatings vary according to the types of coatings.
The solvent dissolves or disperses the film-forming substance of the coating into a liquid state during the coating process, and obtains fluidity, which is suitable for surface coating. Although the coating solvent is not a component of the coating film, it has a great impact on the performance of the coating film (such as gloss, flowability, and adhesion).
Coating solvent can be divided into diluents and curing agents, which can dissolve and dilute the film-forming substances in the paint, reduce the viscosity of the paint; increase the stability of the coating storage, prevent the film-forming substances from cementing; avoid the paint film being too thick, too thin or coated brush marks and wrinkles caused by poor brushing performance; it can improve the wettability and permeability of the coating on the surface of the coating, and enhance the adhesion of the coating.

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