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Auxiliary Material Manufacturers

Auxiliary materials are also called putty, which are generally composed of base materials, fillers, water and additives. The main function is to level the paint before spraying, so that the paint spreads more evenly. As a base-level filling material, auxiliary materials play a role in linking the paint film with the most basic wall. It directly determines the overall performance and overall decorative effect of the topcoat after the film is formed, and also affects the level of indoor pollution.
The auxiliary materials play a leveling role in the architectural coating, making the wall smooth and delicate. The surface cracks caused by the shrinkage of cement often cause the coating to shell, fall off, and even cause water seepage on the wall. Therefore, anti-self-cracking and anti-cracking are important indicators of the quality of auxiliary materials. In addition, the auxiliary materials also have good construction properties, easy to scrape, easy to flatten, no curling, no hair, and sandability after curing. Strong bonding force, to ensure firm bonding with the base surface, no hollowing, no peeling. Good water resistance, long-term exposure to water, non-foaming, non-powdering and other product characteristics.
Auxiliary materials are mainly used in external wall insulation systems, internal wall insulation systems, internal wall tile adhesives and caulking agents, waterproof and moisture-proof coatings, external wall tiles and marble adhesives and caulking agents, etc.

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