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Alkyd Paint Manufacturers

Alkyd paint is also known as alkyd resin paint or alkyd resin coating. It is mainly composed of alkyd resin and is currently the largest type of paint produced in China.

The paint film of alkyd paint is flexible, resistant to friction, and has good adhesion; after the paint film dries, it forms a high-degree network structure, which is not easy to age, has good weather resistance and long-lasting gloss; .Resistance to mineral oil and alcohol solvents Good. After baking, the water resistance, oil resistance and insulation of the paint film can be greatly improved; the construction is convenient, and it can be brushed, sprayed, dipped, etc.

Alkyd paint can be divided into alkyd enamel, alkyd blend paint, alkyd anti-rust paint, alkyd primer, alkyd topcoat and so on. The coating is widely used in the surface decoration and protection of outdoor articles such as steel equipment and steel structures, as well as the anti-corrosion coating of chemicals, petroleum, shipbuilding, bridges, anti-corrosion pipelines, machinery, national defense and other products.

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