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Alkyd Blend Paint
  • Alkyd Blend PaintAlkyd Blend Paint
  • Alkyd Blend PaintAlkyd Blend Paint
  • Alkyd Blend PaintAlkyd Blend Paint
  • Alkyd Blend PaintAlkyd Blend Paint
  • Alkyd Blend PaintAlkyd Blend Paint

Alkyd Blend Paint

Alkyd blend paint is processed from alkyd resin, pigments, extender pigments, driers and solvents, etc. It has good color and can be used as an outdoor finish.

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Product Description

Alkyd Blend Paint

1. Product Introduction

Alkyd blend paint has strong film, good adhesion and outdoor durability, and are often used for protective and decorative coating of metal and wood products.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Appearance Of Paint Film

Flat And Smooth

Impact Strength

50 kg/cm




≤2 Grade







Surface Dry




Hard Dry


3.Product Feature And Application

Alkyd blend paint is rich in color, such as bright red, purplish red , orange, yellow, blue, green, white, black, brown, iron red, gray series, suitable for interior steel structure and wood surface protection decoration.

4.Product Details

Bright red, purplish red, iron red, brown and other alkyd blendpaint films are bright, smooth, delicate, and hard, with an appearance similar to ceramics, and are often coated on the surface of steel structures.

White, blue, black and other alkyd blendpaintsdryquickly, have good weather resistance and heat resistance, can be applied under lower temperature conditions, and are often painted on the surface of wood products and railings.

Grey series and other alkyd blendpaints have good hiding power, can effectively isolate air and protect items from corrosion, and are often painted on the surface of storage tanks.

5.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

The company continues to optimize product solutions, improve its own after-sales service, and help customers solve problems encountered during the use of products such as alkyd blendpaint.


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